Adolescent and Adult Counseling
Serving Middle TN for over a decade 

Finding the right therapist can be an intimidating challenge.

And then finding the time to make it work with your busy schedule, an even more stressful task.

Whatever your reason to reach for support on your journey, talk to me. You can move past your "state of survival"... and take the step to choose so much more than complacency.


If you call or email Rick Underwood Counseling right now, you will get a quick response - from me, personally.  Respect for your valuable time and your choice to take this step is a priority.  New clients are typically seen within 2-3 days, with evening and weekend availability.  I appreciate your consideration for this important decision in your life.

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Rick Underwood Counseling... my journey 


Every detail of my practice is centered around what's best for my clients - this has been a primary focus for me from day one.  This is why my clients have my personal cell number, its why I work evenings and weekends, its why I answer texts and voicemails as quickly as I can... my workdays are not done until I've invested myself, my time, my energy and experience into the work required to walk with those who have chosen to trust me toward a better, safer, and stronger place.  I start by offering you the opportunity to ask questions and talk a little bit... as part of the process to see if we might work well together.  And then, I make it my priority to be available at a time that works with your schedule, even if it's very early or late in the day.  It's crucial to me that you feel important - because you are.  The bottom line is that I am completely passionate about my work and those that I have the honor to work with.  If you are in need of change, please reach out and learn more.

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how does

it work?

when you contact me...

we will have a phone conversation

(often within just a few hours of your initial contact)

and you can ask questions.. no obligation, no cost.


I will be completely open and answer any question you have about the process of starting counseling.  Most of the time, this conversation will end with setting up our first meeting.

who will know

that I'm coming

to therapy?

No one.

Federal and state confidentiality laws, HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act), and my own personal ethics keep your information private.

There are circumstances that create exceptions... if you have concerns, please just ask.

how long

will it take?

There are a number of factors that influence this, including your input and goals.


We will decide this together as a team and the time frame can change, if needed, as we work together toward the changes you desire.

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