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Adult and Adolescent Counseling:
Pursue your emotional and mental wellbeing with a licensed professional counselor who cares about you.


Dr. Rick Underwood 

You’ve decided to work toward a better, safer, and stronger place in your life – that’s a positive first step in your overall emotional and mental health. If you’re ready for real support on your journey to overcome behavioral disorders, marriage/couples’ challenges or mental illnesses in a nonjudgmental, confidential, safe setting, it’s time to talk to Dr. Underwood.

Dr. Underwood’s solution-focused services include:

  • Individual Private Sessions

  • Couples Counseling

  • Adolescent Therapy and Counseling

  • Group Therapy Sessions

  • Equine Assisted Therapy


Dr. Underwood's practice is based in the greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee area with offices in Brentwood and Nolensville and is focused on what is best for you and your relationships.

How does it work?

Just pick up the phone or connect with us here! Sessions begin by offering you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the process of therapy with no obligation. 


Who will know I’m getting therapy?

Only those you tell! Federal and state confidentiality laws, HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act), and Dr. Underwood’s personal ethics keep your information private. If you have concerns, please ask.


How long will it take to improve my mental health or find a solution to my issue?

You and Dr. Underwood will decide this together. There are a number of factors that influence this, including your input and goals, but open communication is key so you’ll always know how you’re progressing and what the next steps are in your counseling or therapy.


Your choice to take this step will be treated as a priority!

Call or email now for a quick response.


Safe, Remote Counseling Options Available

Safe counseling and therapy is available to new and current clients via video sessions set up through our HIPAA-compliant platform. This system allows you to continue or begin sessions with Dr. Underwood on your smartphone, tablet or computer and securely participate in sessions from your own home or office.


Getting setup to conduct these sessions is as easy as responding to an email. Please reach out with any questions or to reserve a session time.

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