Virtual Coffee House
& Singles in Ministry
Who is on the MCW journey with me?
These online events  are being hosted by Dr. Rick Underwood to allow you to share experiences from your lives and ministry with fellow candidates, their spouses, and district leaders.
There will be four "coffee house" opportunities to participate and all candidates are required to attend two of the four opportunities.
There will also be two feature events for "Singles in Ministry" and single candidates need to attend one of the two events.
Details for both events are below.... 
What preparation is required to attend the Virtual Coffee House or Singles in Ministry events?
There is no preparation required.  This is intended to be a social event that will build relationships between candidates as they simply get to know one another or even share prayer requests.
When are the Coffee House events?
Friday, April 9, 7pm (CDT)
Saturday, April 17, 5pm (CDT)
Saturday, April 24, 5pm (CDT)
Sunday, May 2, 3pm (CDT)
When are the Singles in Ministry events?
Sunday, May 2, 7pm (CDT)
Friday, May 14, 6pm (CDT)
How will I join?
These meetings will take place via Google Meet
Google Meet does not require any software downloads or membership accounts,
you just use a meeting link to join!
In order to log in to the Virtual Coffee House,
just click this link (or paste in your browser):
(If you aren't familiar with Google Meet,
you can CLICK HERE for answers to questions and directions)
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