Therapy Intensives are designed for individuals, couples, and groups who need individual treatment on a daily basis for a short period of time but do not need to be admitted to an inpatient facility. Duration of treatment could be as brief as four consecutive hours on a single day or last for one to two weeks. Dr. Underwood provides treatment options that allow a client to be in a safe, confidential and supportive environment that is intense in nature. Local clients as well as clients who live many hours away regularly schedule therapy intensives with Dr. Underwood. Most but not all therapy intensive are scheduled on the weekend.


At present Dr. Underwood offers Therapy Intensives in the following formats:


  • 4 Hours

  • 1 Day

  • 2 Days


Individual Intensive


Individuals will at times find themselves needing to schedule an individual intensive. Dr. Underwood sees clients on a regular basis that will sit with him for as little as four hours to as much as one to three days. The issues that could bring someone in for an individual intensive include: anxiety, depression, anger, relationship problems, compulsive sexual behavior, etc.


Couples Intensive


Dr. Underwood works with some couples that have demanding schedules or would simply like to come in and do the necessary therapy in the shortest amount of time possible. For couples that fit into one of these two categories, the Couples Intensive is the ideal format to get a lot of work accomplished in a short period of time. Many couples see Dr. Underwood once or twice each month in a Couples Intensive and complete their therapy in less calendar time.


Men’s Intensive Workshop


This workshop is designed for men who struggle with compulsive sexual behaviors and want to find a way to make a change in their lives. This is one of the most effective and affordable workshops in the country for men dealing with sexual addiction. The Men’s Intensive Workshop is a three-day event (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Dr. Underwood works with Dr. Michael Christian of Intimacy Seekers in leading this workshop. The workshop includes various presentations along with group experiences that focus on three things:


  • What is compulsive sexual behavior?

  • Where does it come from…what is its origin?

  • What do I do to successfully overcome it?


The workshop is intentionally designed for a small number of men who come together for three days and explore sex addiction as an intimacy and attachment disorder. During the workshop, the participants will learn how to become men of integrity (start telling the truth), authenticity (start being real), and experience healthy emotional and sexual intimacy in relationships.


During the workshop, men will discover tools to help them stop acting out sexually. Those attending this workshop will also begin to understand the past hurts and thought patterns that have been fueling their acting out behaviors.


Dr. Underwood and Dr. Christian offer this workshop four to five times each year. If you have questions about this workshop or are interested in registering for the next scheduled workshop, then contact Dr. Underwood for additional information.


Intimate Marriage Workshop


This workshop is designed for couples that want to make a good marriage better or a struggling marriage more safe and satisfying. After thirty-nine years of being married to the same journey partner, Dr. Underwood shares out of a lifetime of experiences and personally connects with those who attend this workshop through his practical teachings and relevant stories. If you would like to schedule this workshop for your organization or group, contact Dr. Underwood today.